Avex Air

The Avex Group’s flagship store sells aviation-related gear, specifically catering to active pilots who keep their flight bags stocked and ready for their next trip. On the shelves you’ll find ONC charts, local aeronautical charts, Tactical Pilot Charts (TPC), aviation directories, Navtech flight guides, and a plethora of pilot supplies such as rulers, computers, torches, flight bags, aircraft handling notes, radio handbooks, fuel testers, protractors, check-lists, IFR and VFR flight planning software, headsets, log-books, knee boards, hand-held transceivers and GPS equipment.

Our bricks & mortar store is open to the public from Monday to Friday and is conveniently located on the corner of Loper Avenue and Zurich Road in Aeroport, Spartan, Kempton Park. Once our on-line store is launched you will be able to purchase the full Pilot Shop product range from the comfort of your own chair.